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More on GMP

Bill and I have worked out an approach to using a GMP algorithmic theory to do natural number computation using trustable communication.

To begin with we assume we are given an algebraic theory of integer arithmetic called GMP. GMP contains transformers for various integer operations, such as addition, multiplication, integer square root, etc. There are meaning formulas for these transformers whose instances are all Δ0, which makes all the "axioms" of GMP these Δ0 sentences.

What does it mean for GMP to be correct? It means that all these meaning formulas are theorems of a theory of integer arithmetic. Define IA to be a theory of integer arithmetic in the same vein as Peano arithmetic. For completeness, let us assume that we have some full induction principle for integer arithmetic.

There is a trivial translation from GMP to IA, which is the identity translation, since the two theories share the same language. GMP is "correct" if this identity translation is a theory interpretation. Proving that GMP is "correct" is an extremely difficult task, and so at this point we will simply trust that it is correct.

I think in practice one might unify GMP and IA into one theory, but the separation between the two theories in the above presentation, at the very least, helps to clarify what is going on and what is trusted.

As it stands GMP and IA only do integer arithmetic, but we want to do natural number arithmetic. Natural number arithmetic is compatible with integer arithmetic, but this fact requires justification. To this end we extend IA and GMP to IA' and GMP' to support natural number arithmetic.

IA' defines a type of natural numbers as a subset of integers and defines natural number operations on this type of natural numbers. From this, one should be able to prove Peano's axioms. We also extend GMP to GMP', by again defining a type of natural numbers. We define a second set of meaning formulas for natural number addition. These meaning formulas quantify over numerals for natural numbers and relate natural number operations to the integer transformers.

The new meaning formulas provide a whole host of new "axioms" for GMP', and we need to check that they are correct. We could again trust that it is correct by assuming the identity translation to IA' is an interpretation. However, instead we can prove that it is relatively correct to GMP. That is, we can prove that if GMP is correct then GMP' is correct. To do this we simply prove that all the "new axioms" of GMP' are theorems of IA' under the assumption that the "axioms" of GMP hold. Each "new axiom" of GMP' should follow from the corresponding integer "axiom" of GMP by the theory of IA'.

From here on out, we closely follow the old trustable communication framework. To use this newly created natural number service, say from PA, we first build a translation from PA to GMP', which is easy since GMP' contains the language of PA. We "run the service" which means using the translated data to pick out an instance of a meaning formula for one of the natural number operations in GMP'. Call this instance φ. Next we send φ through the semi-trusted identity interpretation to IA'.

To complete the query we need an interpretation from IA' to PA, but this requires some preparation. We extend PA to PA' to define the integers from the natural numbers using the ambient set theory of Chiron to construct them. It is important to construct the integers in such a way that the natural numbers are a subset of them, not just isomorphic to a subset of them. We include definitions for all the integer operations.

Now we can translate from IA' to PA'. We claim that this translation is an interpretation. In order to prove this, it suffices to prove that the translations of all the axioms of IA' hold in PA', which should be the case. Finally we interpret φ to PA' and then expand away all the definitions of PA' to get a final answer in PA. This expansion of definitions in practice will do nothing since φ will actually already be in the language of PA.


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